Tips To Keep Your Home Safe And Hygienic For Your Child


Having children at home not only brings joy and fun but also calls for greater safety and responsible planning of space in order to keep them safe. For couples, with with children, planning to buy a residential property in India, it is mandatory to know if the property is childproof or not. In case, you plan to buy a property which is not childproof yet, ensure that you take necessary measures to make it childproof before you move in. The childproofing can be done by hiring professionals who are well-equipped and have the knowledge about how the property can be safe for your child.

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Importance of childproofing

At the growing age, children are curious about their environment and the things around them. Whether it is a toddler or a four-year-old, the home is a huge playground where their imagination runs wild. This also means that there can be multiple places in your home where an accident is just waiting to occur. By barricading the possible areas of accident, will ensure their safety and your peace of mind. In fact, many upcoming projects in India add childproofing as a key feature to their apartments.

What are the danger zones?

To identify the danger are, look at your home from a toddler’s point of view. Angular corners, sharp-edged furniture, low lying electrical sockets, slippery floors, and even poisonous cleaning products within their reach, can pose serious baby hazards. Any place where a baby can get hurt is a potential danger zone that needs to be childproofed.

Steps to childproof

The first step towards childproofing is to remove or cover everything sharp, pointed, and heavy from the child’s path.


  • – Have non-slippery mats outside the bathroom and next to the bathtubs to ensure they do not slip. Never leave your child unattended during a bath.
  • – Toilet lids should be locked to prevent children from tipping over or slamming it on their hands or heads.
  • – Cabinets, if any, should be locked as these largely are used for storing medicines, soaps and shampoos, which can pose danger if consumed out of curiosity.
  • – All electric outlets/sockets should be covered with proofing gadgets to prevent accidental electrocution. Children tend to put their fingers in the electrical sockets.

Balcony and terrace

  • – Children should not be allowed on balconies and terraces alone. They should always be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • – The balconies should have grilles, barricades, and protective railings, and designed in a manner that there is minimal space between the bars of the grille, enough to prevent a mishap.


  • – Kitchen cabinets should have locks to keep sharp objects like knives and scissors away from children’s reach.
  • – Installing stops in drawers will stop toddlers from bring them out on themselves.
  • – Install stove knobs that come with in-built locking mechanisms, so that even if the child can reach the stove, they are unable to operate it.
  • – Keep the fridge and microwave locked when not in use.
  • – Use a retractable electrical cable for coffee makers, toasters and microwaves so that children cannot pull the cords.

Bedrooms and living room

  • – Children spend a lot of time in these rooms. Have a minimal decor until child grows up a little. Too many artifacts, breakable or heavy, and sharp-edged furniture can be a cause of injury to children.
  • – Get stoppers installed on all the doors, prohibiting baby’s fingers from getting pinched.
  • – Keyholes on the doors should preferably be double-sided and child-friendly to prevent a child from being accidentally locked inside the home.
  • – Electrical covers should be placed on unused sockets. Switches and regulators should be installed out of the reach of small hands.
  • – Place corner bumpers on all sharp edges to prevent bumps on the head.
  • – If you have a staircase, fix a baby gate on the top and bottom of it.

The installation process all the safety measures and equipments should be completed before you move in. Though this comes with a price, but that is worth paying for when it ensures a safe environment for your child.

Hygiene at home plays a great role in maintaining the good health of the new born. Thus, it becomes important to go for a deep cleaning process before the new born enters the home. It is as important as stocking up on diapers.

Here are some additional tips:

Basic Housecleaning

It is important to have a thorough cleaning of the home. Avoid going for harsh cleaning solutions and insecticidal sprays. This may leave a negative impact on the health of the baby. Kitchen is one specific place that needs extra attention. An average dishcloth contains around 4 billion living germs. Clean the kitchen floors nicely and regularly. Bathrooms are another area that needs attention. Use a strong cleanser once a week.

Keep Things Handy

Ensure that the adults can easily reach out for the disinfectant and sanitising sprays. It is also important to keep a basket which can be used to hold all of baby’s belongings. This will help you to easily find things. This will also make you more efficient while doing a full clean up.

Purify the Air

Go for a strict no-shoes policy. Say no to synthetic air fresheners and fragrances. Use clove oil bleach for mold removal. Avoid bleaching in general. Clean the rugs if any. Bring in indoor plants that will purify the air. You can use eco-friendly cleansers made out of lemon etc. This will ensure that the air within the house is clean and healthy for your new born.

Find the right corner for the nursery

It is necessary to find a right space for the nursery in your home. The room must have proper sun light, temperature and electricity. It should be also away from unnecessary noises. This will ensure that the baby enjoys a peaceful sleep.

As the process of cleaning the home is not that easy it becomes important to take the help of other family members. Set tiny goals and divide the work amongst all the family members. This will simplify the process of cleaning the home for the new born.

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Top 5 Home Preparation Tips Before Unpacking


From deep purging to fixing the repairs, moving into a new home calls for attention to minute details. We shares list of things you should strictly follow to prepare the new house afore unpacking.

Despite the ex-homeowner conducting all requisite upgrades including deep purging, it is necessary to participate in the cleaning process and assure that the new apartment is completely unsoiled and safe for your family. We brings you the list of areas that are usually ignored by the landlord and can risk your family’s safety and health.

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Prepare the Home before unpacking:

Clean everything above your head

Ceiling fans, blinds and chandeliers could be the major dust receptacles and should be treated before unpacking the boxes. Doing this will prevent the floating dust from settling on your favorite furniture and accessories. To ensure an effective cleaning process, first dry mop the blades and blinds, followed by slightly wet mop.

Deep purge the air ducts

It is important to consider the air duct cleaning for possible reasons such as substantial mold growth, vermin infestation and excessive clogging owing to dust and debris. According to Kuntal Vyas Aggrawal, “Duct cleaning is important to improve the air quality inside a house. It generally involves cleaning the components of various heating and cooling system of forced air including the supply and return air ducts and registers, heat exchangers, heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans, coils and grills, fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing.”

Pest control

Pest control is one thing you should certainly undertake after moving into a new apartment. From bed bugs, termite to bees and wasps and cockroaches, there are several types of pests that attack your home every season and can damage not only your favorite furniture but also take a toll on your family’s health. Thus, it is important to ensure timely measures to exterminate pest and the best time is to get it done right after moving into the new place as it will be easier to do the needful in an empty space than a house full of furniture.

Disinfect the common touch points

This becomes utmost necessary, particularly, when you are moving into a rental property. Areas such as toilet seats, tubs, sinks, doors, and windows, all these areas are major sources of germs and require deep cleaning. Probably wielding a can of disinfectant would suffice. Some of the common known disinfectants are baking soda, tea tree oil and hydrogen peroxide.

Floors and walls

Scouring floor with furniture around could be a painful task. Thus, deep clean the floor while they are still clean. Not only will it be hassle-free but would also save a lot of time and energy which otherwise might get wasted in shifting the furniture and accessories. Any repair (broken tile) should also be considered at this time as it will be much easier to fix them immediately after shifting.


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Buying A Home? Key Factors To Keep In Mind


If buying your dream home is at the top of your wish list, there should be certain factors that you must keep in mind before the final plunge.

Buying a home is everyone’s dream. It is a long-term commitment and a lifetime of savings that goes into purchasing a house. Thus, the decisions you make in the home-buying process can make a big difference between a home that is a blessing to your family for years to come and a home that becomes a financial burden.

Altogether, a Pros and cons of buying a property near the Airport home purchase should not become a stressful, and draining experience. Rather, it should be a lot of fun.

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Below are a few factors to consider before making the big decision:

1. Credibility of the developer: developer’s financial and project card report is crucial. Most information about the developer can be obtained online on their website which comprises complete information pertinent to their ongoing and past projects. This can go a long way in ascertaining developer’s market reputation and also help understand their product portfolio. Research and ground work can help in choosing your dream home.

2. Locality: Whether you are planning to invest or buy a home for end use, location of the property plays a very important role. It also becomes a deciding factor whether you should buy that house or not. For instance, distance between the nearby market and your home is very crucial. Other questions you should address are:

  • What is the travel time to work and back?
  • What about the infrastructure in that area?
  • Is there a regular supply of water and electricity?
  • Is there sufficient public transport?
  • How many hospitals are there in the area?
  • What about the distance of schools from the property
  • If you have a vehicle, does it have ample parking space?
  • What about open spaces if your building is in a township or a complex?
  • What about the available amenities?

Also, do check on the social infrastructure like malls, multiplexes, restaurants in the vicinity of the project.


3. Security: If you are staying with family, then this factor takes precedence. Most home buyers consider this as a very important factor. No one would like to buy a property that is situated in a crime zone. Some properties also offer CCTV security monitoring to prevent any serious incidences.


4. Are you financially ready to buy a house: Buying a home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make. Are you sure that you are ready? Answering these two questions will help you know.

Additional tips for young buyers

Be a well-informed buyer prior to investing or buying a home either for yourself or your family. Information is always readily available provided you know where to look. Here are some suggestions for young homebuyers before taking the plunge.

Know your rights: Today, Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) aims to bring in transparency and protect the interest of consumers. When searching for homes online or offline, it is important to see if the project is RERA-registered or not. Most developers will highlight their respective RERA numbers on their projects. These numbers will correspond against the state the project is based on. For example., properties in Maharashtra state are prefixed with “MahaRERA” followed by the number. A RERA registered project gives you the security against delayed projects and other fraudulent practices from the developers.

Maintain your credit score: This is the first thing any financial institution will check when applying for home loan. Hence, it is important to maintain your credit score. Make sure you pay your credit card bills and other loans on time. This will instil banks’ confidence in your ability to make timely payments. A healthy credit score will also make it easier for you to apply for a loan. Monitor your CIBIL scores regularly. Most banks do not offer 100 percent loan. The percentage may vary from bank to bank, so you will have to ascertain the down payment amount required before hand.

Understand the home loan procedure thoroughly, the documents that are required, lock-in clauses, exit penalties if planning to foreclose your loan before the final year.

“Not having too many credits like bike, personal or car loans, or large credit card balance, will demonstrate your ability to handle debts efficiently. Make sure you have resolved most of your existing debts since home loans will take a large portion of your salary”, shares, Rahul Nahar, Founder, Xrbia Developers Ltd.

Also, consider your capacity to repay your loan and examine the tenure closely. How long do you intend to pay? Sometime, a longer tenure may not always be helpful. If you have the capacity and the financial strength to pay off your home loan in a shorter tenure or foreclose it prior to the final year, then it is strongly recommended to do so.

Factor the total costs: There are instances when there are multiple costs associated with property purchase. When making the down payment, it is important to know about all the additional costs. Do a thorough check on the taxes that you have to pay, the advance parking charges, initial maintenance charges, and club house membership, etc.

Continue investing:Do not let the home loan be a dead end for alternate investment options in other markets. If you can, invest in other markets like mutual funds, stocks or anything suitable to your financial portfolio. This works as a backup in case of any unforeseen emergency. It is also beneficial if there are multiple earning members. For instance, in the case of husband and wife, if either of the two are paying the entire home loan, then the other can concentrate on generating a secondary source of income. This secondary income can be used to either generate savings for emergency and/or for making additional payments to your existing home loan


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Best 20 Home Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces On A Budget


We all want our home to look like they belong in a design magazine, but often the budget stands in the way of achieving our dreams. Instead of thinking about that expensive piece of furniture or rug that you can’t afford, how about sprucing up your home with some home improvement ideas on a budget?

In today’s ideabook we present you with several ideas that can help you to bring a stylish look to your home without spending too much. It includes easy-to-implement smart design ideas for small spaces.


Ideas For Decorating Small Spaces in Mulund
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1. An artistic wall shelf

Blank walls can make a room look dull. When decorating a small house on a budget, one of the easiest ways to add style to a wall is by painting it a lovely colour, but if you feel this idea is overused, then a geometric or artistic book shelf can add an interesting feature to the blank space. If you are good at carpentry, you can even make it yourself.

2. Sophistication in the TV area

You don’t have to invest in expensive television furniture to make the living room look more organized. Instead, get a wall mounted shelf with drawers for storing CDs and remotes. A light panel board with backlighting is a stylish and inexpensive proposition for framing the wall-mounted TV. This design won’t take up too much space or interfere with the small living room furniture arrangement.

3. A cheap makeover

Add style to a living room with just a few inexpensive touches. Consider covering a floor lamp with colourful fabric to brighten up the room. If the background wall looks too plain, stretch and paste some leftover fabric over some plywood or cardboard to create an instant backdrop. It’s one of those frugal DIY projects that you can get done over the weekend.

4. A partition shelf

When you are looking for apartment storage ideas on a budget, think of furniture that is functional as well as stylish. A wall shelf like the one in this image acts as a room divider in addition to providing space to display décor accessories.

5. DIY art

You don’t need expensive art or the work of a famous artist to make your walls look good. Buy a canvas and let the artist in you take over. Try to bring in colours that are present in the rest of the décor in the living room. Once it’s done, all you need to spend on is the frame for your masterpiece.

6. Paper lampshades

If you are looking for cute cheap ways to decorate an apartment, we have to perfect idea. Buy a few paper lampshades and hang them over your existing lights. It works with almost any type of décor style, whether it’s modern or rustic. Choose white for a minimalist home and brighter colours for rustic or country-style homes.

7. Repaint old chairs

Do you feel like your dining room needs a makeover? How about repainting the chairs in another colour?

8. Customize rental furniture

Nowadays, with the availability of cheap rental furniture, it’s much easier to implement home improvement ideas on a budget. You can take it a step further by adding bright covers to dining chairs or chaises to bring a personalized look that matches your décor.

9. Mirrors

When it comes to cheap home decorating ideas for small spaces, mirrors can become your favourite allies. They not only add style to the space, but also reflect the light to make the area appear larger than it is. Choose frames that add drama to the space.

10. Bar on the wall

If you want a bar area in your home, but can’t afford fancy furniture, invest in a floating shelf over a sideboard in the dining room. Fix racks underneath for storing wine glasses, and you have an easy DIY bar unit.

11. Go green

Plants provide one of the best options for cheap decorating ideas for apartments and small houses. Add a potted plant in the corner of the bathroom to bring a refreshing feel to the space.

12. Candles and flowers

Other DIY ideas for how to decorate a small bathroom include placing a flower arrangement and aroma candles on the counter. It brings a spa-like atmosphere that elevates the style in the bathroom. Instead of flowers, which you need to refresh often, consider a small potted plant with a fragrant herb or flowers.

13. An organised laundry area

Whether you live in an apartment or a small house, having a separate area to tuck away the laundry can bring elegance to your home. It doesn’t cost much to organize a space like you see here with a pull-out ironing board, a rack for hanging clothes and pretty baskets for storing things. Your house will look ultra-modern.

14. Display shelves in the bath

For small bathrooms, space is always a constraint. Instead of adding furniture that will crowd the floor space within the room, fix floating shelves on which you can organize your toiletries and cosmetics. Make it look like an expensive display that you would usually see in a high-end store.

15. Lift the curtains

When you are looking for cheap ideas on how to decorate a small bedroom, consider adding depth to the space by moving the curtain rod closer to the ceiling. This way, the curtains will flow from the ceiling to the floor and make the room look bigger. In the market, you can find readymade curtains that aren’t too expensive. They come in a range of fabrics and prices.

16. DIY wall sculpture

If you are looking for DIY projects for small bedrooms, then a decorative feature, such as this one, can easily be made with wire or thick twine, adhesive and some colourful beads and buttons. It will brighten up the space and add beauty to the wall.

17. Change the laminates

If you are bored with the way your kitchen looks, liven it up by changing the laminates on the cupboards. You don’t have to change them all, just a few will do the trick to make the room look new, without you having to spend much.

18. Repaint the cabinets

Another idea, which you can also include among your frugal DIY projects, for introducing freshness to a kitchen or even a bedroom, is to repaint the cabinets or wardrobes in a stunning shade. Try to choose a colour that contrasts the walls and the floor or matches the tiles.

19. Under stair shelves

If you have a staircase in your house, build a customized shelf unit under it, which can serve as a display space for your living room décor accessories.

20. A bold colour on the wall

A feature wall in a bold or contrast colour is a great way to add a memorable element to any part of the house, whether it’s a living room or a bedroom. You can either attempt this on your own or get the help of a professional painter. Consider decorating with thrift store finds such as masks or mirrors to add to the stylishness.

If you are unsure about how to go about redecorating your house, you should consult a professional to help you with the task. Inform him about the budget that you have in mind so that he can come up with innovative small home decorating ideas that are perfect for your home.


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